Hi, it's me again!


Shir Hassin, 32, born and raised in TLV, photographing almost 10 years <3

I live in Rishon LeZion with my man, Guy, father to Avigail and Michal. Our furry family members Duba, Jacky, Amos, Hezi, and Or make our home an even happier place.

After serving 5 years in the Israeli navy, I attended photography schools Camera Obscura and Galitz. I photographed weddings and maternity shoots. Then in 2019, I realized I have a passion for maternity shoots. This is where we are now...

Some hobbies of mine

I love all animals and animals are my THING. I'm an advocate for all furry friends. I rescue animals, photograph them, and help them find forever homes.

What else?

I train at CrossFit Bat Yam, I ride my skateboard with Duba and Guy, I’m trying to get into reading books, I have no patience for tanning, and I LOVE eating fruits. Remember that haha  ;-)

My philosophy

I find beauty in the little details in life, and you'll see that in your photos.

I adapt myself to you, to your family (even the camera-shy), and to your home. Let's plan ahead or just wing it.

Whatever the journey, I'm in for the ride!

Having fun is the main goal. The bump is secondary.

Just imagine you're inviting your friend over (the one who kicks her shoes off at the door). We’ll laugh, get emotional, listen to music, play dress-up, move around, and find your angles. And I'll ask for fruits because I have chutzpah 😊

And to the dads and non-pregnant partners: this all applies to you too

Join us for the shoot or kick back and be the DJ. You do you.

Why do I love coming to your home?

The pictures are a documentation of a specific time and place and each house tells a different story. I like to find the nooks with the sun beaming through the windows and the special places in your home where you feel comfortable.