How to prepare your kids for a photoshoot

I’m proud to share a special collaboration that will help you and your family members for shoots together.

Hey parents,

I’m sharing this with you after loads of experience with photographing kids, but also from the heart.

In September 2020, I met Shir. Yep, Shir and Shir…


Shir won a raffle I posted on my Instagram and she won a breastfeeding photoshoot with me.

But she didn’t just win, it was a raffle where my followers had to vote for the winner.

Shir won because of her story. She wanted to do a final breastfeeding with her 2 year old son and she wanted me to capture it.


It’s an emotional and special moment to capture.


I arrived at their home and realized that something was different.

I felt that her son, Ofek, was unique.

And what do I mean by that?

Their communication was unique. Their home was unique. The vibe was unique.

And all this unique helped create a relaxed environment for photographing.


This unique communication is called the Montessori method.


And that’s where Shir comes in.

After we book a date & time, she’ll be available for a 20-30 minute phone session to guide you through preparing your children for a few hours of photographing.

It will help you beyond just a photoshoot and you’ll learn so much about communicating with your children.

My name is Shir Paz Sedi - easy to remember ;-)
I am a mom to Ofek, 2.6 years old in a home school environment. I’m studying towards a Montessori method diploma for ages 0-3 in the Association Montessori Prague.


The Montessori method is one with much respect to the child, and that follows the child’s needs and natural development.
Even during a photography session, children absorb, learn, experience, and develop.


I’m here to help you come to an session like this equipped with the tools you need to create for a successful experience.
I’ll hear from you about your family dynamic and I’ll give you tools tailored to you and your family.
All this so you can have a fun day for everyone - adult or child!


I can’t wait to meet you!

Until then - no need to chat with your kids about the shoot.

Wait with it ♡

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