How to prep

  • First and foremost - we’ll work with what you have, no need to buy new clothes for the shoot.

  • Regardless of my tips, I suggest you take a look through other galleries, so you get inspired of what type of looks you like.

  • It’s really important that you pick out clothes you like, that you wear on a day-to-day basis, that fit you the way you like and feel comfortable. Even if it’s an unbuttoned pair of jeans and a t-shirt, which I think is a perfect look.

  • Can’t pick out anything you like? Don’t worry, I always have some extra clothes in my trunk just in case :)

  • These are some good outfit options to lay out. It's ok if you don't have them all, these are only suggestions and we can pick out together what looks best:

לפני הכל והכי חשוב – אנחנו נעבוד עם מה שיש ואין צורך לקנות בגדים במיוחד.  בלי כל קשר לרשימת הטיפים שלי - תעברי על תמונות ותקבלי השראה לדברים שאת אוהבת.  חשוב מאוד לבחור בגדים שאת אוהבת, לובשת ביומיום ויודעת שיושבים עלייך כמו שאת אוהבת. גם אם זה ג׳ינס פתוח וטישרט, מבחינתי זה מושלם.  מעבר לדברים שתכיני, אני מביאה איתי לא מעט פרטי לבוש לשימושך.  תכיני מה שיש לך מהאופציות הבאות, לא חייב את הכל, זו רק הכוונה ואנחנו נבחר יחד:
  • Either a tight-fitting or a loose dress. They don’t have to be too “dressy”. I recommend picking out a neutral of dominant color dress, without any prints (but if there’s a cool printed dress you like than it’s ok😊)

  • Oversized jackets, cardigans and buttoned-down shirts are always a good idea!

  • if you like, you can also go for a top and underwear look. They don’t have to be black or white, but I advise using matching colors. 

  • Bodysuits / One-piece swimsuits always photograph amazing! (we can play along and dress it up with a jacket or a pair of unbuttoned jeans.

  • Any type of slacks, knitted sweaters, maternity jeans or unbuttoned jeans.


  1. Choose your casual, day-to-day clothes, lay it all out on the bed, and we’ll pick out awesome looks together.

  2. Colors I love the most: Earth tones (brown, beige, mustard), also bordeaux, navy, faded tones etc.


What’s your partner supposed to wear? Couldn’t be easier:

  • Lay out a pair of jeans\shorts (maybe blue?), pants (khaki? Green? Whatever he likes, just go with it!) and some T-shirts (I suggest a solid color, with no prints or stripes... unless it’s a really coo print)

  • Loungewear is the best wear!

  • And… skip the shoes. You’ll be mostly barefoot.


Hair & Makeup

  • Keep up with what you’re used to on your day-to-day.

  • If you don’t wear makeup, you really don’t have to (even better)! And if you do, that’s ok!

  • Either way, natural lighting does magic to our complexion!

What about the kids? :)

In every family photoshoot I love giving a special attention to the kiddos!

I make sure I also capture themselves alone, which means you'll also get a 1 on 1 time with me :) .


Feel free to use my tips to choose outfits for them too!


>>> A homey atmosphere is the best atmosphere! You can pick out cute PJs for a cozy look.

>>> Try to stick to a specific color palette, it photographs better!

>>> And that’s it! Can’t be any simpler!


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