Hi, I'm Shir

And your home is my set.

I’m here to switch things up...

Not at a studio, not at my house, not outdoors,

In your home,

Your private space,

Your safest place.

Where it all started.

Where you found out you're expecting,

Within the walls that will protect your baby,

Because being pregnant is just the beginning.  


Fast forward 20 years,

When the kids are all grown up,

And you’ve forgotten all about your old apartment,

From that time when you were pregnant.

My photos will always remind you of that amazing time,

In that old rented apartment,

that wasn’t fully furnished or even too organized. 


But that’s where it all started,

Where there’s a note hanging on the fridge that says:

"I love you".

And guess what?

That note? I'll capture it too.

תמונת PNG 10.png